Our Story

Cricket Helmet Covers and the #HelmetSkin brand was born from a simple club owner who wanted a very affordable mean of presenting his team as a professional unit. He took pride in designing his team’s uniforms down to every color shade and lettering, pads matched the uniform along with hats. Those were the easy and somewhat affordable items.

But with a very, very tight club budget and safety being paramount there was no simple and affordable option for a custom club helmets. After looking into the various available options, which were very fancy indeed, the cost factor was way too high for the club’s tight budget. There came the Cricket Helmet Cover idea and the #HelmetSkin brand.

In 2015 this club owner made his first batch of #HelmetSkin with his team’s color and logo printed on it. His team loved it! A team in the United States of America none-the-less. Cricket in the United States? Reall?…. That’s a different story for another time but let’s continue here…

With the success within his club he thought he should make the same option available to clubs and individuals internationally.

So the goal of Cricket Helmet Covers and the #HelmetSkin brand is to provide the most affordable option to customize cricket helmets. Our products are priced to the best of our abilities currently. Our constant promise is to keep working daily to help reduce cost to clubs so that they can share that same pride our founder shared when he first developed this product for his club in New York City.