Q – How does the ordering process work?


A – You place order online → We’ll contact you  via e-mail for your logo and #HelmetSkin color → We’ll confirm design with you via e-mail → We’ll produce and ship your order → You receive your order and proudly rep’ your team with your new #HelmetSkins!


Q – Can I see what my club’s #HelmetSkin design will look like without placing an order?


A – Absolutely, e-mail us your logo and color at crickethelmetcovers@gmail.com and we will sketch your design for free!


Q – Does the #HelmetSkin fit all design of cricket helmets?


A – The form fitting material of the #HelmetSkin allows it to fit all standard design of adult cricket helmets.


Q – Does the #HelmetSkin fit over fixed grill (without removable bolts) helmets?


A – Yes, the #HelmetSkin will stay on with or without the bolts. For fixed grill helmets simply pull the sides over the helmet/grill connection area.  


Q – Are the logo’s printed or embroidered onto the #HelmetSkin?


A – As of right now the logos are only available printed on.


Q – Do you ship to my country?


A – Yes, we ship internationally to verifiable addresses!


Q – What’s the shipping/customs costs?


A – Shipping and Customs costs are included in the price for orders above $170 USD! That means no additional cost from there onwards.


Q – How long will it take for me to receive my order?


A – You will receive your #HelmetSkin order in approximately two work weeks following us receiving your order information and confirming your design.


Q – Can I purchase #HelmetSkins in stores?


A – No, #HelmetSkins are sold exclusively through our website www.CricketHelmetCovers.com